Our Products

Our Products

BPM-Saudene is our Trade Mark. Saudene is a prime grade polyethylene polymer powder characterized with excellent process ability, improved chemical resistance, high stiffness, excellent internal and surface finish.

Saudene PE is being produced based on SABIC prime grades  for rotational molding with a minimum capacity of 800 metric-tons per month.

Saudene LLD 3505 U Powder (polyethylene rotational molding powder)  is specially designed for rotational molded items such as water tanks, chemical tanks, containers, garbage cans, buoys and toys.

Available in variety of colors.


BPM is well known in the whole gulf region of having a great reputation

as we are extending our business relationship with our partners.

Our aim is to gain the honor of starting our business relationship to supplying

and meeting your needs and demands with excellent quality standards.